COP-27 group photo

COP27: Reflection

This November saw the return of The WildHearts Global Youth Summit during COP. In collaboration with our Corporate Schools Partners, the week-long series of events delivered exciting and inspiring in-person and virtual workshops to tens of thousands of young people. Students joined from every corner of the world, empowered to learn, collaborate, and innovate with each other to create a more sustainable world.

WildHearts Global Youth Summit Hubs took place in Glasgow, London and Boston, providing a collaborative space for students to experience world-class, interactive workshops. Workshops and activities were also translated for the virtual learning environment, ensuring on-demand availability for students accessing virtually from across the world.

Through the summit, we provided engaging activities for every age group, enabling participants to develop their climate literacy skills, receive practical advice to develop sustainable solutions in their area and gain an insight into what leading global brands are doing to create sustainable futures and careers.

The summit commenced following our opening ceremony, which was accessible worldwide. We were delighted to welcome such a diverse group of innovative entrepreneurial leaders, united in the goal to create a more sustainable future.

To facilitate the creation and delivery of our innovative workshops, we were joined by BNB Paribas, Barclays, LinkLaters, Zurich, Wesleyan and Nestlé, who hosted inspiring in-person experiences for all the students in attendance at our hubs. Alongside the workshops, at our London Hub, BNB Paribas hosted a Model UN event, where students discussed and debated global sustainability issues impacting different countries, and proposed resolutions to overcome these issues.

Overall, the summit was a huge success and inspired tens of thousands of young people worldwide. Thank you to all our Corporate Schools Partners who made this possible. We are proud to have united so many people with the vision of building a more sustainable world together.

You can find out more about The WildHearts Schools Programme, here.