WildHearts ‘Business For Good’ Podcast Series

At WildHearts we believe that business can and must be a force for good. We are not alone. WildHearts mission and impact is driven by our customers and supporters, by the values we share.

As a result, WildHearts is a movement of peers, a movement of people that care about the issues that matter and care enough to do something about them.

In this series I will be interviewing global thought leaders on subjects such as procurement, talent attraction and development, sustainability, entrepreneurship and more.

Our world needs Business for Good more than ever. The WildHearts ‘Business For Good’ Podcast Series is here to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to play your part too.

Dr Mick Jackson, WildHearts Founder and CEO
  • Business For Good Episode 10 - Janette Evans-Turner, Head of Sourcing & Procurement, Zurich Insurance UK

    Janette Evans-Turner, Head of Sourcing & Procurement at Zurich Insurance UK, on how watching her parents overcome bankruptcy helped instil a resilient and empathetic mindset which she has applied throughout her career. Janette reflects on the importance of working with an organisation that aligns with your values and the benefits of mentorship. She provides valuable insights about her experience of joining the SEUK Buy Social Corporate Challenge and shares key advice to fellow procurement professionals looking to deliver purpose-driven strategies…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 9 - Matt Sparkes, Head of Sustainability, Linklaters

    Matt Sparkes, Head of Sustainability at Linklaters, reflects on the social challenges of growing up with epilepsy and how living abroad created a life-defining experience that taught him the value of operating outside your comfort zone. Matt addresses how the 2008 financial crisis redefined the role that business plays in society, and how its future will be shaped by accountability and transparency. He discusses the importance of social mobility for underrepresented groups and the vital role of addressing mental health in the workplace…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 8 - Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK

    Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK, reflects on how experiencing injustice in the 1980’s inspired him to create social change. Peter addresses the shift of power from Government to the private sector, and the societal expectations of how business must use that power responsibly. He highlights the success of The Buy Social Corporate Challenge, and the importance of driving sustainability and social value by embedding social enterprises within corporate supply chains…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 7 - Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the Lewis Institute, Babson College

    Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the Lewis Institute at Babson College, debunks the myth that entrepreneurial talent is a gift that we are born with, rather evidence shows that it is an ability that we all possess. And like all skills, entrepreneurial behaviours can be learned and improved with practice. Cheryl reflects on how authentic, purpose-driven businesses can transform shareholder value: increasing innovation, employee engagement and profitability…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 6 - Emma Walker, Head of Marketing Capability, Nestlé UK & Ireland

    Emma Walker, Head of Marketing Capability at Nestlé UK & Ireland on her early experience as a carer and how this inspired her to create systemic and systematic change. Emma reflects on how technology has influenced the rise of conscious consumerism and the importance of understanding brand purpose in an era where societal expectations of global brands are rapidly evolving…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 5 - Adaire Fox-Martin, Member of the Executive Board, SAP

    Adaire Fox-Martin, Member of the Executive Board at SAP reflects on the challenges of growing up in a working-class Irish family during economic turmoil, and how the power of education can transform our opportunities in life. Adaire addresses the myths of doing business with social enterprises, the crucial role of diversity within innovation and how the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of collaboration and the need for responsible business…plus much more. [Recorded in November 2020]

  • Business For Good Episode 4 - Jen Rodvold, Head of Digital Ethics & Tech for Good Practice, Sopra Steria

    Jen Rodvold, Head of Digital Ethics & Tech for Good Practice at Sopra Steria on her ancestors overcoming the Great Depression and how an appreciation of her privileged upbringing has instilled a passion for fairness and equality. Jen reflects on ethics, diversity and biases in digital technology, discussing how companies with strong values are outperforming the market…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 3 - Len DeCandia, Chief Procurement Officer, Johnson & Johnson

    Len DeCandia, Chief Procurement Officer at Johnson & Johnson on his parents fleeing from World War II, being inspired by the space race and learning through failure as a college dropout. Len reflects on his personal experience with disability, the importance of collaboration, and on our world becoming increasingly purpose-driven…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 2 - Laura Faulkner, Director of Shared Services, Nationwide Building Society

    Laura Faulkner, Director of Shared Services at Nationwide Building Society on growing up in a working class family in Scotland, learning from rejection and being the first in her family to go to University. Laura reflects on the evolving role of procurement, her experience in dealing with the collapse of Carillion and how she relies on her personal values when making career-defining decisions…plus much more.

  • Business For Good Episode 1 - Robin Sundaram, Sustainable Sourcing Lead, Nestlé

    Robin Sundaram, Sustainable Sourcing Lead at Nestlé UK on being chased by skinheads in the 1980’s, facing civil war, compassion, empathy and looking out for one another. The expanding role of procurement teams, the need for transparency in business and how collaboration is essential if businesses are to deliver on climate commitments…plus much more.