WildHearts Release 2023 Impact Report in Milestone Year

In 2023, the WildHearts Group reached the milestone of transforming over 2 million lives. This marked a significant achievement for WildHearts, demonstrating our ability to deliver transformational impact at scale.

Today, we are delighted to release our 2023 impact report, showcasing the positive change created through our social impact programmes, locally and globally. The outcomes highlighted in the impact report would not have been possible without our partners and supporters, whose collective contributions have been instrumental in WildHearts becoming a leading global social business.

Numbers we’re proud of from 2023:

  • 747,455 people benefited from our Global Financial Inclusion programmes.
  • £6.3m actively invested in 43,908 women entrepreneurs as of 31 December 2023.
  • 7,406 packs of reusable sanitary pads produced and distributed to help keep girls safe and in school.
  • 83,841 student engagements via The WildHearts Schools Programme.
  • 235 Parents, Carers and Teachers were supported through our Mental Health & Well-being Webinars.

Moments we’re proud of from 2023:

  • WildHearts transform over 2 million lives.
  • WildHearts Schools award ceremony at The Houses of Parliament.
  • WildHearts expand Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Programme.
  • WildHearts host inaugural Talent for Good Summit.
  • WildHearts microfinance programmes recognised in top impact award.

At WildHearts we believe business can and must be a force for good. We know that our world faces multiple challenges, and if we have any hope of addressing them, business must play its part. Indeed, with its immense resources and talent, it is uniquely placed to do so.

That is why we operate at the intersection of business and social responsibility, to create a lasting impact on communities around the world. Whether it be through education, healthcare, sustainability or economic empowerment, our work fosters positive transformation on a global scale.

Each business within the WildHearts Group addresses different commercial and societal needs, but they are united by one mission – to empower individuals to create positive change.

We aim to be a worthy partner to our customers, partners, and suppliers in helping them to make a significant positive impact, for people and planet. This report shows the incredible impact we can create in people’s lives.

On behalf of everyone you have empowered, thank you.

View our impact report here.