Skills Builder Impact Level 4

Micro Tyco Awarded Highest Skills Builder Impact Level.

We are proud that the WildHearts Schools Programme has partnered with Skills Builder and that our Micro-Tyco programme has been awarded the highest Skills Builder impact level. This partnership marks the convergence of our shared vision and values, as both Skills Builder and Micro-Tyco are driven by a commitment to inspire and develop the essential skills of the next generation.

The Skills Builder Partnership is a global movement of employers, educators, and impact organisations working together to ensure that everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. The Skills Builder Framework provides the roadmap for the measurement of the skills developed during participation in our Micro-Tyco programme. Throughout Micro-Tyco, students reflect, improve, and apply their teamwork and creativity skills, working together to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. We are proud that The Micro-Tyco programme, it has been awarded the highest Skills Builder impact level, Level 4.

Our Micro-Tyco programme provides young people with the inspiration, knowledge and networks they need to thrive. We foster teamwork and creativity by facilitating collaboration between young people, who are challenged to come up with creative and innovative solutions to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our partnership with Skills Builder highlights the continued growth of our impact, and moving forward we are determined to continue driving positive impact within the local and global community.

We are proud to have been recognised as a leading builder of essential skills, which is a testament to the significant work and impact of the Micro-Tyco programme. To find out how your organisation or school can get involved and support The WildHearts Schools Programme, or if you have a school in your community and would like to get involved, email us before the end of February:

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