WildHearts Global Youth Summit at UN

COP28: WildHearts Global Youth Summit Returns

For the past two years, during COP26 and COP27, we hosted The World’s Largest Youth-led Sustainability Summit, connecting over 35,000 young people across 5 continents. This November we will return during COP28, and we are inviting every school to join our global network of empowered young people to learn, collaborate and innovate to create a more sustainable future and career.

There are lots of exciting ways for schools and students to get involved, both virtually and in person. Our Global Youth Summit Hubs will be hosted in Glasgow and Manchester, providing a collaborative space for students to empower each other through interactive workshops delivered in collaboration with our Corporate Schools Partners.

Workshops and activities have also been created to be available on-demand meaning they can be delivered to students virtually, anywhere. To get involved, all you need to do is click play on the pre-recorded content.

By registering for this year’s summit, you will have access to all the following activities and workshops:

  • Sustainability lesson plans – This series of interactive lesson plans have been developed in partnership with industry experts that introduce secondary school students to the topic of sustainability, its importance and how they can play their part in making the world a fairer, more sustainable place.
  • Sustainability awareness assemblyThis assembly is designed to give students an overview of what sustainability means and what businesses and young people are doing around the world to address it. To maximise student engagement and build confident learners, we encourage the assembly to be student-led, by students you think would benefit from this experience. 
  • The Careers with Purpose podcast – These 20-minute videos offer a unique insight into the various careers with purpose roles within leading companies. Students will hear of the many ways they can become responsible citizens and pursue a career which meaningfully impacts the world. Click and play your selected video podcast(s) to students.

We are delighted to be supported by our Corporate Schools Partners, such as Nestlé, Linklaters, Zurich, Siemens, BNP Paribas and Wesleyan, who will be helping to deliver the content for this year’s summit.

You can download this year’s COP28 resources for free to share with your young people, by clicking here

To find out how your organisation or school can get involved and support this year’s summit, or if you have a school in your community and would like to get involved, email us: schoolsprogramme@wildheartsgroup.com