SUEZ graduates WildHearts Talent

Celebrating WildHearts Talent Graduates from SUEZ

In September, our WildHearts Talent graduates from SUEZ presented their final team projects live in Bologna, Italy. This was a fantastic opportunity for graduates to share their innovative and impactful ideas with senior leaders from SUEZ and reflect on their achievements from the programme.

Innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are key skills which are fostered by participating in The WildHearts Talent Programme. Throughout their time working with us, SUEZ graduates harnessed WildHearts’ unique Micro-Tyco Methodology, to develop impactful and practical solutions to social or environmental challenges facing the business.

The winning team was Team 4, who addressed the challenge of sustainably providing PPE for SUEZ. The team took a systematic approach to create their practical solution, by identifying the most sustainable PPE suppliers for the business to consider within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“This is a great practical example of how inclusivity and diversity can be improved within the business… I hope to see this initiative as a 2023 priority.”

Judge | SUEZ

“We are very impressed by the quality of the projects, and to see that graduates have all integrated the Micro-Tyco methodology into practice. Participants have shown how they can produce innovative and sustainable ideas to address big problems like the ones addressed by the SDGs.”

Judge | SUEZ

We are delighted to have once again worked with SUEZ graduates through one of our bespoke WildHearts Talent programmes, and we look forward to many more exciting projects with SUEZ in the future.

You can find out more about the WildHearts Talent Programme, here.