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WildHearts Mutli-Award-Winning Schools Programme

WildHearts Multi-Award-Winning Schools Programme empowers young people to use entrepreneurial thinking to create positive change.

By Morven Cameron
  • Introduction to Micro-Tyco

    An fast paced introduction to Micro-Tyco, the groundbreaking global enterprise challenge from WildHearts for companies, universities, colleges and schools. Micro-Tyco...

    Matthew Doig

  • Micro-Tyco Results in Promotion

    Natasha Gordon was part of the Talisman Sinopec Energy Micro-Tyco team, who became Global Micro-Tyco Champions in 2013. Natasha has...

    Matthew Doig

  • Micro-Tyco Builds Confidence

    Alexander was desperate to leave school at 15 and was persuaded to join Universal Connections Youth Group as a compromise....

    Matthew Doig

  • Micro-Tyco Results in a Job for Jamie

    Jamie was part of a team of early school leavers, from the Universal Connections youth group in Cambuslang, who took...

    Matthew Doig

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