Over 45,000 people have taken part in Micro-Tyco across 25 Countries

Micro-Tyco for Corporates

Micro-Tyco is a month-long entrepreneurial training programme that enables participants to practice fundamental business behaviours in a safe, ‘micro’ environment. Our Method has been so successful at identifying and developing talent, it is now used by the world’s top brands as part of their recruitment and employee development strategies.

From apprentices to senior leaders, Corporates have embedded Micro-Tyco to enhance leadership skills, develop entrepreneurial thinking and build collaborative teams. It works as part of an existing training programme or implemented as a bespoke HR or CSR activity.

Our recruitment programmes utilise our school and university networks UK-wide, enabling companies to access a diverse pool of talent to fulfil their social mobility objectives.

The Babson Award

The Micro-Tyco Excellence Award celebrates purpose-driven entrepreneurial excellence. Participants are recognised by The Social Innovation Lab at Babson College, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship. The award is open to our global network of Micro-Tyco schools, universities and corporates.

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Micro-Tyco for Colleges and Universities

Micro-Tyco produces inspired, entrepreneurial thinkers who can execute their ideas in a team, within a competitive environment, and who care about their impact on their local and global community.

By taking part in Micro-Tyco, students develop their entrepreneurial and employability skills, helping them to differentiate their CV whilst preparing them for the world of work. Micro-Tyco also provides students with the opportunity to expand their networks further at WildHearts series of Business for Good events.

Participating in Micro-Tyco is free for Colleges and Universities due to our corporate partners.

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