StartHer in Health

A key barrier to girl’s education in the developing world is a lack of access to basic Menstrual Health products. WildHearts is committed to addressing this. During our StartHer in Health pilot, we manufactured over 35,000 reusable pads for vulnerable school girls across South Africa and India. The high-quality pads were developed in partnership with a South African women’s worker co-operative that provides valuable training and employment opportunities for at-risk girls in Johannesburg. As a result, the WildHearts StartHer in Health programme empowers not only the schoolgirls who receive the pads but also the girls who produce them. Following the success of the pilot, the initiative is set for significant growth next year thanks to our corporate partners.

In partnership with

  • Old Mutual
  • Old Mutual


Gugu’s Story

Gugu’s upbringing was typical of millions of South African girls. Her mother was determined that her children would not live a life of poverty and so she taught her daughters to value education and hard work. Gugu has been instrumental in the production of WildHearts StartHer Pads at a local Johannesburg workers Co-op.

Her proudest moment was when the pads were distributed to girls in her old school, empowering them to complete their education.