The WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board

WildHearts is a movement of peers who believe that business can and must be a force for good. The members of the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board embody this spirit. Each one, through their personal commitment and professional influence, has contributed significantly to WildHearts growth and to the 1.5 million lives we have transformed to date.

The role of the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board is to enrich and expand the WildHearts Schools programme. As a result, we will empower even more participants and champion social mobility within the UK. I can’t wait to see the positive impact our collective influence will deliver.

– Dr Mick Jackson, Founder and CEO

Jacinta Stewart, Chair – Managing Director, Head of HR for Barclays International Chief Operating Office (COO),  Barclays Execution Services Chief Operating Office (COO) and Group Global Compliance

I am privileged to be the Chair of the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board, working with like-minded peers from across industries bringing a breadth of experience and expertise. I am passionate about developing talent and helping others realise their potential. Championing diversity and inclusion is something I feel strongly about.

As a mother, the impact of providing transformational opportunities to young people of all backgrounds is important to me. That is why I first got involved with WildHearts and the Micro-Tyco programme. It is humbling to see the impact that our involvement with WildHearts has both on the participants of Micro-Tyco and the wider beneficiaries of the programme.

As a Board, we are excited about the opportunities we have to continue to support WildHearts in being an innovative force for good.

Robin Sundaram, Vice Chair – Sustainable Sourcing Lead at Nestlé

I have worked at Nestle for a quarter of a century in a number of roles throughout the organisation.

Leading our ‘Responsible Procurement’ strategy has enabled me, amongst other things, to develop a brand-new sustainability programme with dairy farmers in the UK. Recently, I piloted an innovative approach to Human Rights training through the use of virtual reality headsets.

I’m enthusiastic about joining the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board because I am passionate about what we can do to help young people realise their potential, no matter their background. As the son of immigrants who started with nothing, I witnessed the challenges my parents faced and overcame. I am determined to do what I can to make things a little easier for the next generation in this country.

Jen Rodvold – Head of Digital Ethics & Tech for Good at Sopra Steria

Building on over a decade of experience leading sustainability programmes, I launched Tech for Good in 2018, a programme focused on using business and technology as forces for positive change in the world.

I am extremely passionate about gender equality and the power of entrepreneurship to transform the lives of individuals, drive economic inclusion, and improve gender parity.

I have worked with WildHearts on multiple occasions. Sopra Steria is a committed partner of Micro-Tyco Corporate and I am proud to be able to extend my support of Micro-Tyco in schools as a member of its National Advisory Board.

Matt Sparkes – Head of Corporate Responsibility at Linklaters

In both my role at Linklaters and in my personal life I have come to realise the commensurate need for business to be a visible force for good. 

I currently look after Linklaters responsible business activities locally and globally. With my team, I oversee extensive and impactful pro bono and community investment programmes. I chair LBG – the world’s leading community investment measurement tool and advise an East London charity focusing on employability skills in young people.

As part of the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board, I am excited to broaden our efforts to empower young people within London and throughout the UK.

Ian Walker – Senior Director of Global Community Impact at Johnson & Johnson

My role is to guide Johnson & Johnson’s strategy and execution in the area of Social Business Practice in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Our task is to support and champion the people on the front lines, who are at the heart of delivering care.

It has been a pleasure working with WildHearts for the last few years, helping to establish the StartHer project in South Africa and Malawi through the J&J Foundation.

I’m honoured to now be on the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board and look forward to contributing to WildHearts social mobility strategy in UK schools.

Cheryl Kiser – Executive Director at The Lewis Institute and Babson Social Innovation Lab (Boston)

I am the Executive Director of The Lewis Institute and The Babson Social Innovation Lab. I am also responsible for leading Babson’s work in integrating social innovation, social responsibility and social relevance into its curriculum and co-curricular activities.

I am honoured to be a member of The WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board. I love WildHearts because it is a truly global organisation that demonstrates what Babson aims to achieve – the perfect alignment of entrepreneurship, business and social impact. At Babson, we educate leaders to create economic and social value simultaneously. WildHearts’ social business model serves as a beacon for all of us who believe we can all do well by doing good.

Dr. Gavin Armstrong – Founder and CEO of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (Toronto)

Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise is a for-profit social enterprise devoted to solving a major global nutritional problem which affects almost a quarter of the world’s population – iron deficiency. We are also committed to showing how business can be a force for good in the world.

I am honoured to join The Wildhearts Schools National Advisory Board. Raising awareness of the power to do good, empower youth to make change and align innovation with social impact is a key driver for me. It is, I believe, the future of sustainable business. I have seen first hand the wonderful work that the Wildhearts Group has achieved in driving social and commercial change, and I wholeheartedly support their efforts to engage the next generation of leaders to help build a more sustainable and inclusive future.