Peace and Justice Champions, St John the Baptist School

St John the Baptist Primary participated in Micro-Tyco Innovate, a 30-day entrepreneurial training programme that teaches students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The students were encouraged to create Responsible Business ideas that champion the SDGs in their school or local community. One team from St John the Baptist reduced fighting in their local park and made it a safe place to play.

SDG Addressed: 

Inspiration: A group of students from their school were involved in fighting at the local park with other students from a neighbouring school. Members of the community had complained about the violence and younger children had stopped playing in the park.

Innovation: The team wanted the fighting to stop. To do this, they decided to get to know the other students, put their differences aside and focus on their similarities.

Execution: The team invited the class from the neighbouring school to come to their school. They ran a lesson on Peace and Justice and got to know each other. Many of the students became friends, the fighting stopped and now younger children can enjoy the park safely.