Jinche Gbolo

Case Study Type
Cereal Store
Loan Use
Buy stock
Loan Amount

Jinche from Sanyari, Upper West Ghana used her microloan to buy cereal to sell during the dry season. Thanks to her loan she is able to buy in bulk and at better prices.

As a young girl living in another community, I always had to join my mother at the Sanyari Market to sell cereals. I had no formal education because my parents did not see the importance of educating me. All they wanted me to do was go to the farm and the market. Happily though, I actually met my husband at the market and settled in Sanyari with him! We now are blessed with five children; 2 girls and 3 boys.

I am determined to work hard in order to educate all my five children.

Until I joined my WildHearts Trust Bank, I did not have anyone to turn to for financial assistance. Now I feel like my prayers have been answered. I used my WildHearts loan to buy bags of cereals like maize, yams and guinea corn, which I sell in our long, dry season. Before my loan I used to only be able to buy one bag at a time, now I can buy ten at better prices. I am excited because my business is already expanding. I’m making more profits and am able to pay my children’s school fees. Because I feel so challenged in the area of education I am determined to work hard in order to educate all of my five children.

I am planning for the future and am aiming to build a storage facility with the extra profits I am making, to be able to stockpile my cereals. Then I will begin exporting to neighbouring towns across the border in Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. I also want to support all my children right the way to university level.