Careers Noticeboard

Intern: A Day in the Life

Follow Freya as she takes you around Siemens and shows you what she does in her internship.

Virtual Work Experience

Dates: April (1st-14th), May (27th-9th June) and then all summer from 29th July until 1st September.

Early Careers

Explore what roles Siemens has to offer, whether that is Internships or Introductions to their Graduate Schemes.

Apprenticeship Programme

Find out what apprenticeship roles are available at BNP Paribas.

Early Careers

Explore the different routes available to start your career at BNP Paribas.


Learn more about the different career options at BNP Paribas. Their newly launched apprenticeship programme has 12 roles across many of the business lines – including Global Markets, Global Banking, HR, IT, Compliance and Legal.

Case Studies

Hear from past and present apprentices, graduates, interns and placements about their experience on a Nestlé Academy scheme.

Careers Support

Learn about Nestle’s Careers support guide and rad case studies from Graduates, Interns, Placements and Apprentices

Rediscover Apprenticeship Videos

A series of short videos hosted by Nestle employees aimed at rediscovering apprenticeships

Apprentice Office: A Day in the Life

Follow Nestlé Apprentice Liana as she shows what life is like working with WildHearts CMDA and what she gets up to in her day to day job.

Apprentice University: A Day in the Life

Follow Nestlé Apprentice Grace as she shows what life is like outside the office, showcasing the University life at Coventry University working with WildHearts CMDA.

Nestlé Apprenticeship Manager Interview

Hear from Jill Coyle, Apprentice Programme Lead at Nestlé, as she discusses how the collaboration between Nestlé, WildHearts CMDA and Coventry University works, and how they create a unique environment for apprentices.

Micro-Tyco Programme - Open to 11-18

By taking part in the WildHearts Micro-Tyco competition, you will be using your teamwork, creativity and problem-solving to come up with a solution to the Sustainable Development Goals. This is an experience you can discuss at interviews, and skills you will take into the workplace.

Mental Health Webinars

Building Self-Esteem 7-8pm, 21st March

This talk looks at how parents and carers can help children develop the healthy self-esteem which is so vital for protecting their mental health and preventing unhealthy risk-taking behaviors later in life.

Setting Up For Exam Success 7-8pm, 17th April

This talk gives parents the knowledge and guidance to support children through revision and exam preparation, including information on diet, revision techniques, and tools to help them manage any pre-exam stress and anxiety, so that they can perform to the best of their ability on the day.

Helping Your Child/ren to Have Healthy Friendships  7-8pm, 23rd May

In this talk we will explore the complex world of adolescent friendships and what parents and carers can do to help their daughters have happy, healthy relationships with others. We will look at how our interventions can help or hinder when they fall out with others, and what to do if we are concerned that bullying might be an issue.

National Careers Week Resources


Countdown – NCW 2024 Virtual Careers Fair 

Explore what’s on offer during 2024’s National Careers Week. 


Job sectors | 

Explore different routes to work experience and look into various job sectors. 


Take The Careers Quiz. What Job Could You Do? ( 

An interactive quiz to inspire your career ambitions.  


Support for secondary pupils and school leavers | My World of Work 

Look into the different route you might take as your next steps after school. 

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