The WildHearts Schools Programme inspires Responsible Business Leaders of the future, equipping them with the Inspiration, Knowledge and Networks to reach their potential and make a positive impact in the world. The programme connects business leaders and rising talent with school students across the globe.

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  • Spora Steria
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What is Micro-Tyco?

Micro-Tyco is WildHearts’ multi-award winning entrepreneurship training programme. It unleashes participants’ talents, fostering essential entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness, and teamwork. Following its global success, Micro-Tyco has evolved into two impactful programmes – Micro-Tyco Innovate and Micro-Tyco Generate.

Thanks to your corporate customers and partners the WildHears Schools Programme is free for all young people, so far 45,000 have benefited.

Micro-Tyco Innovate

Micro-Tyco Innovate has been developed with purpose at its core. The programme teaches students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Responsible Business, with real case studies from WildHearts Corporate Schools Partners. It provides students with the inspiration and critical business skills needed to create an execution plan for Sustainable Business ideas that impact their local communities, in just thirty days. To date, Micro-Tyco Innovate teams across the UK and beyond have addressed several of the global goals by; eliminating single-use plastic bottles in schools, addressing loneliness in the elderly community, and stopping fighting in local parks.

“Solving global problems shouldn’t be left to the adults, we can all play a part in creating solutions.” 

At the end of the thirty days, top teams from each school are invited to pitch their ideas at the WildHearts Micro-Tyco Innovate Regional Finals, to a panel of judges from WildHearts network of Corporate Schools Partners. Regional winners will go on to the National Online Final, where they have the opportunity to compete with other teams from across the UK.

Micro-Tyco Generate

Teams have one month to grow £1 ‘seed capital’ into as much money as possible. Participants receive world-class business video training from Micro-Tyco Mentors such as Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group, Thérèse Rein, Entrepreneur, and Former First Lady of Australia and Brian Duffy, CEO of Aurum Holdings.

Money generated by Micro-Tycos is either invested by them into school projects and initiatives or on their behalf, into WildHearts financial inclusion programmes for female entrepreneurs in low-income countries around the world. By associating business excellence with social impact, Micro-Tyco Generate creates socially entrepreneurial thinkers.

Case Studies

Supporting Resources 

The programmes are run in close collaboration with schools and teachers. Typically they are run over a 4 week period (although longer and more condensed versions of the programmes are available) and WildHearts provides a suite of;

  • Interactive learning resources
  • Digital lesson plans and presentations
  • Pitching guides
  • Information on the SDGs
  • A step by step Micro-Tyco Method eBook

The WildHearts Schools Programme aligns with Scottish, English and Welsh curriculums. It meets the recommendations set out by; Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce and the Curriculum for Excellence, in England it meets 6 out of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and in Wales it aligns with the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy.


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All students are invited to a GEL Youth or Junior Summits to launch the programmes, bringing together business leaders, social entrepreneurs and school students to exchange ideas, experiences, skill-sets, and best practice on how business is being used to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Micro-Tyco Winners and WildHearts Global Youth Ambassadors (more information below) are invited to the annual WildHearts Awards Ceremony at the Houses of Parliament and Scottish Parliament, to recognise students and corporate participants for excellence in championing Responsible Business and the Sustainable Development Goals.

WildHearts Global Youth Ambassadors 

The WildHearts Global Youth Ambassador programme is a progression for Micro-Tycos who have excelled during the programme. Students who showcase entrepreneurial excellence will be awarded WildHearts Global Youth Ambassador Status. This is designed to recognise students who have implemented the values and transferable skills learned during Micro-Tyco, to launch impactful projects in their communities.

There are three levels of accreditation students work towards – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The WildHearts team works closely with our WildHearts Youth Ambassadors throughout their journey. To find out more about how to become a WildHearts Global Youth Ambassador email the team at

WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board 

The role of the WildHearts Schools National Advisory Board is to enrich and expand the WildHearts Schools programme. As a result, we will empower even more participants and champion social mobility within the UK.