About the Event

The GEL Summit at the UN, in partnership with the International School of Geneva, will bring together global leaders to inspire students from diverse backgrounds on the importance of Responsible Business and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event will focus on the theme of ‘Business for Good,’ connecting students from around the globe, encouraging them to collaborate and create innovative ideas that address the UN’s SDGs. We want to engage leading corporates and entrepreneurs in the conversation, providing a platform for them to inspire the next generation of leaders that our world deserves.

Confirmed Schedule:

Session 1 from 10.00am-11.20am — INSPIRATION

  • Dr David Hawley, Director General of the International School of Geneva
  • Dr Mick Jackson, Founder and CEO, WildHearts Group
  • Alessandra Vellucci, Director, United Nations Information Service
  • Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Senior Advisor to United Nations, Under-Secretary-General
  • Princess Zahra Aga Khan, Aga Khan Development Network
  • Antonio Hautle, Executive Director of the Global Compact Network Switzerland

Session 2 from 11.50am-1.00pm — INNOVATION PART 1

  • Nicholas Niggli, Director General of Economics, Finance, Science and Innovation at the Embassy of Switzerland
  • Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of Babson Social Innovation Lab
  • Ian Smith, International School of Geneva
  • Panel Discussion featuring: Ian Smith from International School of Geneva, Arthur Wood, Founding Partner of Total Impact Capital, Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of Babson Social Innovation Lab, Sara Boyden, Ecolint student and Micro-Tyco Babson award recipients Lara Eckes-Chantre, Anna-Maria Ceccucci and Egor Kamenshchik

Session 3 from 3.00pm-4.15pm — INNOVATION PART 2

  • Micro-Tyco Innovate Student Workshop: Addressing the Global Goals

Session 4 from 4.40pm-5.50pm — EXECUTION

  • Ian Walker, Senior Director of Global Community Impact, Johnson and Johnson
  • Stephan Hirschi, Director of Sustainability & Climate Change, Pwc
  • Wadia Ait Hamza, Global Shapers, World Economic Forum
  • Tessy Ojo, Chief Executive of the Diana Award
  • David Woods, Principal, International School of Geneva

At this year’s UN GEL attendees will experience:

  • Leading insight and expertise in the field of Responsible Business
  • Excellent networking with global leaders from across sectors
  • Practical advice and tips on how your organisation can address the SDGs
  • Dialogue and debate on key topics from world-class speakers
  • The opportunity to support young people from across the globe, encouraging them to see the importance of Responsible Business