Online Interactive Training and Development for your People

In response to the recent challenges facing our global workforce, inspiring and developing our people has never been more important. As a result, we have translated our Multi-Award-Winning training and development programme, Micro-Tyco Innovate, into a remote-working, collaborative online programme. The enhanced programme is even more inclusive for all learners, requiring teams to draw on their individual strengths whilst developing new skills in Responsible Business innovation.

In these difficult times, our ability to be innovative is more important than ever. This, coupled with some employees having more time than typical BAU would normally allow, presents an enormous opportunity to invest in both their personal and professional development. WildHearts provide a full interactive learning experience for your workforce that will enable your people to develop innovative business solutions to social and environmental issues impacting your organisation’s communities. Micro-Tyco will empower your people to drive innovative ideas, for your business and for society, at a time when it is needed most.

Why Micro-Tyco?

There is a growing demand from society, employees, business leaders and international governing bodies that businesses must be responsible and fulfil a greater purpose in society. The businesses that embrace this change will be the ones that thrive and remain relevant in the future. WildHearts is committed to helping our corporate clients achieve this.

  • By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will want to work for organisations that make a positive contribution to society.
  • 77% of Gen-Z said that it is important to them to work for organisations whose values align with their own.
  • Young people are looking to business to help them develop the necessary “soft” skills they believe will be more important as jobs evolve.

Sources: Deloitte, Welcome to Generation Z 2019; Deloitte Millennial Survey, 2018.

Micro-Tyco Innovate is WildHearts’ award-winning entrepreneurship training programme that has purpose at its core. It has been so successful at identifying and developing talent, it is now used by brands such as Barclays and Nestle as part of their recruitment, employee engagement and senior leadership development strategies. Micro-Tyco demonstrates to your team that Responsible Business and Business Excellence are one and the same. Micro-Tyco will:

  • Inspire an innovative entrepreneurial thinking culture across your business.
  • Connect your teams to the company’s purpose and Responsible Business goals.
  • Increase employee engagement.

Expert Lead Programme

Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin speaking at WildHearts Event, Geneva

Thérèse Rein, Entrepreneur and former 1st Lady of Australia leading a Micro-Tyco Masterclass, London

Mark Beaumont speaking at the WildHearts Micro-Tyco Masterclass hosted at Linklaters, Silk Street, London.

Impact for your business

  • Provides your employees with a unique learning and development programme that has purpose at its core.
  • Delivers a compelling way to stimulate staff engagement and innovation, enhancing collaboration across departments through Micro-Tyco’s immersive approach to teamwork.
  • Provides a credible way of demonstrating your ‘Responsible Business’ credentials and commitment to the United Nation’s SDGs to your current and future talent.
  • Enables your team to develop key business skills that can be translated into their everyday job roles.


Micro-Tyco Innovate

Micro-Tyco Innovate is a 30-day programme that inspires participants to use entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in line with your business aims and objectives.

Throughout the programme, you and your participating Teams will have full access to a WildHearts Relationship Manager, Micro-Tyco Support Managers and Customer Service.


Micro-Tyco Generate

Micro-Tyco Generate is an entrepreneurial challenge that enables participants to practice and learn fundamental business principles in a ‘micro’ environment. Teams have 30 days to turn £1 (or local equivalent) seed capital into as much money as possible. 100% of the money created is invested by WildHearts in our global Microfinance projects, helping to lift people out of poverty through financial inclusion.

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