WildHearts Line Manager Support Sheet

In this document there is a recorded overview of the WildHearts CMDA along with further supports linked for you.

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) Standard

This document is the official standard that is used across multiple providers. It is the basis of how the qualification is built and contains information on the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected to be learned in the programme.

CMDA Syllabus

This document outlines the four year programme and module titles that the apprentices undertake.

Line Manager Information from Coventry University

This document will give you some information on being a line manager of an apprentice and what you can expect.

Role of an Apprentice Line Manager & Supports

This document will outline what the role of a line manager is in relation to managing an apprentice. Some supports for discussions and a checklist.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs)

This document supports the overall standard but all of these KSB’s should be developed throughout and it should support a line manager understand the areas of development for the apprentice.

What can we expect from our Training Provider?

This document outlines the level of support that will be given to you as a line manager of an apprentice.

Off-The-Job Training

This support sheet is designed to support apprentices in completing the task of off-the-job training. As line managers it is imperative to understand what is expected of your apprentices and as such will support you in supporting them.

Graduation and Grading

This document gives you an overview of what the apprentices will be awarded at the end of the programme and how their degree is graded.

Association of Apprentices Support Guide

Our apprentices are given membership to this organisation and they offer the following advice for line managers.

Cohort Dates 2024 – 2025

This document outlines each module, including the subject, date, location and coordinator.

Contact List

Need to speak to one of the team? All the info you need is in here.