The Empowerment Business

If you were to distil what WildHearts does in one word it would be empowerment.

WildHearts is driven by an unquenchable belief in the human spirit. It is in our founding DNA. Empowerment of the individual is the theme that flows through all our work.

How do we do this?

Entrepreneurial Training

Through Micro-Tyco we empower school pupils, students and corporate professionals to discover their ‘Entrepreneurial Self’. Not only do they practice skills that can transform their future career but they also empower microentrepreneurs in the developing world to transform their own futures through entrepreneurship.

Micro-Tyco is also highly effective at addressing social mobility. We level the playing field empowering ALL young people, regardless of their race, gender, religion or post code, to demonstrate their talents to top employers. Through our wide range of events and talent programmes we also provide pupils with the knowledge and networks necessary for success (to date over 40,000 young people have benefited).

Financial Inclusion

The empowerment of women is key to creating positive social change in the developing world.

Through WildHearts microfinance we empower female microentrepreneurs to take charge of their own lives. They are then able to improve their children’s, nutrition and education as well as the economic future of their families and community. The empowerment cycle continues as the women repays her microloan to be relent to another recipient.

Educational Equality

One third of girls in South Africa report dropping out of school during menstruation.
Unicef, 2014

We champion education equality for girls. Through our distribution of free reusable sanitary pads in Sub-Saharan Africa we empower girls to stay in school during their periods. One third of girls in South Africa report dropping out of school during menstruation.*
*Unicef, 2014

Our reusable sanitary pads are produced by WildHearts Franchisees who are provided with training and support to start their own business.  We empower them to move from poverty to business ownership.

Our wider education project enables children in poverty to go to school by providing them with essential school supplies that are essential to learning.

WildHearts Empowers but we cannot do it alone

Our Impact would not be possible without our WildHearts customers and supporters. That is where our chain of empowerment begins.

We empower business people to reimagine their role, not only in their company, but in the world. By becoming a WildHearts customer they deliver social value through their existing spend and play a key part in expressing their company’s values in a simple and efficient way.

WildHearts is a movement of ‘Empowered Peers’; from the corporate professional to the school pupil to the micro-entrepreneur. Together we create our global Impact.

As WildHearts grows our customers will empower us to deliver even more.

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